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The UI shows multiple textareas when in Add Word

6 years 3 months ago - 6 years 3 months ago #4276 by justs
Now I am having UI oddities with the Add Word page. It shows 4 separate textareas when you go to add a word. As well, the fields at the top are all askew. This appears to be the case regardless of template. Any ideas? (Image attached.)

UPDATE: Odd, not certain what happened, but overnight the 404 error I was having with "Add Word" and a few other redirect errors with other modules have resolved themselves. Must have been something to do with my host doing maintenance while I was making changes. :-) Really nice Glossary BTW!

New to Gnosis, not sure if this is component or plugin.

Basically, everything setup appropriately. Glossary shows fine (really nice actually) and I can add categories and words via admin. I added a glossary list to my Top Menu to access Gnosis and in that menu are "Add Word" and "List". Clicking on "List" results in the expected behavior of redirecting to the glossary list view.

Clicking on "Add Word" results in a 404 The requested page cannot be found. Error. Have I missed a setting somewhere?
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