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I want to know your ideas.

9 years 7 months ago #4174 by simongrow250
Replied by simongrow250 on topic I want to know your ideas.
Good idea everyone :)

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9 years 4 months ago - 9 years 4 months ago #4283 by changzhao
Replied by changzhao on topic I want to know your ideas.
Hi Lander,
I'm pleasured to meet this site.
Thank you for the contribution to Joomla! world and for your thoughtful articles, interesting, smart and concise.
Wish you all the best in education, career and spiritual self-realization!

About the glossary plugin usage:
I want to glossarize my site, which has tens of articles and tens of terms' instances in each article.
Embracketing them manually would be a crazy job.

So I could think of
(1) a function like in DokuWiki: some abbreviations in text are detected automatically by the engine, and so get a tooltip.
That would be the easiest way for the end-user: you don't write any brackets manually, you don't care to convert the text of a new article etc.
All you would do is to make a rule of matching for each term, like
for all the forms of the "glossary" term, where * means any symbols till the end of the word.
So all the forms like "glossary, glossaries, glossaric, glossarize" etc get that tooltip.
It's especially important for synthetic languages like Russian.

(2) Another way would be to automatically change articles' text with such substitutions:
glossar* --> glossar*
by running some tool from the backend. E.g. you set a list of rules, then run a mass search and get a table of articles with checkboxes. You uncheck those articles which you don't want to be tooltipped and press 'OK'...
(Maybe there is already some mass substitution tool for Joomla!, I'll look for it).

Another suggestion:
is it important to keep tooltips "pure CSS"?
A link to the full glossary entry (- etc, like links in Wikipedia's tooltips -) could be useful.
And if JS is disabled, they could gracefully downgrade to pure CSS...

PS. The tooltip shows a term name, then "Definition:", then the text of the definition.
Please remove "Definition:" line from the tooltip, it's kinda obviious.
Besides, it takes space and doesn't correspond to some languages.
:) Cheers!
Last edit: 9 years 4 months ago by changzhao. Reason: PS, clarification of (2)

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8 years 1 month ago - 8 years 1 month ago #4754 by iqtedar
Replied by iqtedar on topic I want to know your ideas.
First of all, thanks for creating Gnosis and for making it available for free. True to its name, we're using it for a glossary of spiritual terminology. Our requirements however, would be better served if we could:

(1) create additional fields to the pre-created ones for giving more of different types of information for each word,
(2) have sub-categories, or subjects and categories.

The suggestion by another user for automatically identifying glossary terms in articles is also seconded. Regarding #1, I was thinking of using the 'Quiz' field meanwhile for 'Notes' to place the miscellaneous information in there, but there is no option to show this field. I also need to be able to change the title of some of the fields, e.g. 'Definition' to 'Translation'.

By the way, a field under word is labelled 'pronounciation'. The correct spelling is 'pronunciation'. I hope you can guide me to at least add one more field for now for all the other information I would like to add, i.e. by editing the text files.

Another request: I've made an extensive list of categories (because I wanted to categorise the terms), but there is no view (except in the Admin panel) for listing all categories. For now, I'm having to create sub-menus for each category, but a single list accessible from a single menu item would be preferable. Also, how do you get to display the descriptions of each category?

There are some issues:
(1) In the word (list) view, the content in 'Page Heading' does not override the (limited) setting in the global configuration for 'Word Page Heading'.
(2) The alphabetical filter in the list view does not work (at least not in Joomla 3.5 and the latest version of Gnosis).
Last edit: 8 years 1 month ago by iqtedar.

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