Psychology (5)

Experiementers show that 75% of us miss huge changes to our environment due to a phenominon called "change blindness." The video's show that we can actually be talking to one person one moment, and then be talking to a totally different person the next and never notice the change in persons.
The documentary “Horizon: How Does Your Memory Work?” was a film aired on BBC covering a broad range of topics concerning memory. These topics included amnesia, Alzheimer’s disease, memory development in children, memory storage, and other dementia or memory related items. Although all these topics were interesting, I found the information about memory encoding and recoding to be the most fascinating along with the effects of Propranolol on memory.
There should be little doubt that violent TV affects aggression in society. Numerous studies and statistics prove a positive correlation between the emergence of TV and aggression shown in our society. One such study lead by Leonard Eron, a Senior Research Scientist at the University of Michigan, suggest that 10% of youth violence is caused by television alone (“Facts and TV Statistics”). The American Psychological Association, because of the predominant finding in research that media portrayals of violence increase aggressive behavior in children, believes the debate is over and accepts the correlation between violent TV and aggression as fact (“Facts…
Overweight and obese individuals are often the focus of jokes and ridicule. The stigmatization associated with being overweight can cripple an individual socially and in the work place. Individuals suffering from being overweight have higher rates of depression, anxiety, and social isolation ("Obesity, Bias, and Stigmatization") often as a result of the negative biased stigmatization. Quite often overweight people are stereotyped as being individuals who simply eat too much but research shows there is nothing "simple" about it. One of the many origins of human obesity is deeply rooted in our ancestors. It is believed that one of the predominate…
It is common knowledge that around the world that America is known for its arrogance and over confidence. The typical American response is one filled with self-preservatory bias that hinders our ability to take such accusations seriously. With all the economic failures of our society as of late, I think we must reexamine many of the attitudes and motivations we have as a society. One of these examinations must be about the role of arrogance and over confidence in our society and then addressing it through education.